Design Approach

Mike Green, P.L.L.C, believes that good design solutions result from considering specific site conditions and the client’s programmatic needs. Good design is simple yet responsive to the specific environmental conditions. Mike Green’s designs also include the exterior environment, native landscaping and the relationship of inside embracing outside. Mike Green is committed to the design principles of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Water conservation through gray water recycling, reduced water consumption plumbing fixtures and rainwater collection consistent with International Green Construction Code requirements is included in Mike Green’s designs. The high costs of labor in the Marfa area has often inspired us to consider prefabricated building components as major parts of design solutions.

Mike Green, P.L.L.C, specializes in the following design services:

  • Architectural design, Construction Management, Design Build Contract Delivery, Areial Drone Site Surveys
  • Building energy evaluation, Building and Facilities Master Plan
  • Historic restoration, Existing Conditions Building Review

Consulting Services

In addition to design services, Mike Green can provide construction phase management services for difficult and challenging projects typical in remote regions. We work with the builder and client to develop a detailed comprehensive construction schedule and monitor progress to better insure the work is completed on schedule. After all, time is money.

Mike Green also provides large project construction phase services with a particular focus on troubled project turnaround. Mike has an extensive track record of successful project completion collaborating with the design team, construction managers and the contractors. In the end the design and construction process is all about people and the collaborative effort required for a successful outcome.

Mike Green P.L.L.C offers the following expert consulting services:

  • Adobe building evaluation
  • Design-build large project management
  • LEED evaluation and certification
  • Troubled construction project turnaround

Kind Words From a Client

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Mike Green. He listened to our wishes and our worries, patiently exploring all sorts of possible construction options. At the same time, he explained the technical issues that had to be solved. We presented him with a significant challenge: to build in a remote site, to minimize environmental impact, and to keep within a very tight budget. The result is a house that was as much engineered as it was built, comfortable, attractive, and efficient.

Mike guided us through multiple design revisions. He located contractors to do site work and to design and install our solar and wind power system, an element of our project we are especially pleased with.

While Mike handled the technical issues expertly, he was also attentive to aesthetics. It was important to us to have the beauty of the location be considered in every decision, from the color of the roof to the height of window sills.

After two years of work, from initial concept to moving in, Mike has provided consistent service. In the process, he has become a friend.”
-The Simpsons (Residence, Off-Grid Solar Project)